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Take it from me, the bongs captain as I like to be called. There is always a bargain to be had when you find bongs online. Now some of my friends still prefer to use the classic joint, but to me that just doesn't make the cut. The smoke is harsh from a joint, if you have ever used bongs then you will know what I am talking about when I say that the best way to smoke is by using a bong.


With internet shopping being so popular it is most likely you will buy a bong online instead of heading out to the shops, most likely there won't even be a shop around you that sells bongs and more. These places are often called head shops but I think there is more of an American thing.

Always browse the web for the best deals on bongs

What is the best online bong shop

I've been getting a lot of messages lately requesting recommendations on what the best online bong shop is, so instead of sending everyone messages back saying the same thing I thought I would just drop the details here on my Jimdo page. Also thanks to the admin team at Jimdo for their service! So as you all know from reading my page, I know a lot when it comes to bong shops, water pipes and general smoking methods. So you all know I do this for free because I'm a super nice guy!


The best online bong shop would be any shop that combines fast support, easy returns, cheap prices and plenty of pipes to pick from. For me the shop that fits those specifications is but there are other good ones out there too.

For the complete beginners it makes sense to checkout some YouTube videos or on how to use a bong before you actually go a head and buy one, do not let it overwhelm you though. Many people who don't know how to use a bong can get confused and feel it is too technical, but once you have the bong in front of you, you'll be fine!


Check out marijuana info before you decide anything.

Glass Bongs

We currently are locating the cheapest deals online for glass bongs, we plan on bringing you deals on plastic bongs and maybe some other less common materials, but that is all to come. We find that glass bongs are by far, without a doubt, the most popular type of bong used for smoking.

Honestly, take it from me, the self proclaimed king of bongs. I know all of the best online head shops and talk to many of the owners. As soon as there is a cheap deal to be had on bongs I will link you guys to it. You will find the links within the text in the paragraphs above. Be sure spend some time browsing for the perfect bong.

A little information about me. I have been a smoker for over 10 years now and have been using bongs for the last 5 years. I was pretty young when I started smoking so I could never afford a bong, but from cool old school movies I always knew what a bong was.