Types of Bongs

If you are craving for more brilliant bong advice then you are in luck! I will give a quick list of the different types of bongs for sale that you can expect to find whilst browsing the online head shops.


First up is the most popular, previously mentioned glass bong. They come in all shapes and sizes and often include coloured glass.


Plastic bongs are always cheap and can be sold in really fun designs including multi chambers (pretty much several plastic bongs joined up by a tube). 


Ceramic bongs are for those who would rather not see the water and smoke, they are not transparent due to them being made of pottery, but often come in cool designs such as faces etc.


Lastly metal and wooden bongs are also pretty cheap and long lasting. I would personally go for wood bongs over plastic, ceramic and metal. But glass is by far the best when it comes to taste and smoke texture.